Friday, August 21, 2009

Orton improvement must show quickly

Kyle Orton must accept the responsibility of being a starting quarterback in Denver. His performance against San Francisco in the Broncos' first exhibition game was rated R. He must get a passing grade the second time around.

As strong as Chris Simms looked in relief he's not a starting quarterback in the National Football League. Orton has to be the guy or the Broncos could struggle to win 4 games. It's Orton and a prayer. The former Purdue slinger can play but only if he's a part of the machine, not the engine.

Orton knows what's expected of him, especially in Denver.

Coach Josh McDaniels knows he must win with Orton or look the part of the fool after the mutually embarrassing and costly Jay Cutler business blowup. This promises to be a rocky ride but the Broncos' quarterback and his head coach will be committed to proving doubters wrong.

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