Sunday, August 16, 2009

McDaniels first effort says little

One game does not a coach make so the Broncos' loss to San Francisco says little about new commander and chief Josh McDaniels. His first offseason says more about him than Friday night did.

McDaniels is young, he's relatively inexperienced. He's going to have to learn on the fly, by the seat of his pants. It's going to take time for him to find his comfort zone, and how to establish an effective way of communicating and leading this franchise.

Regardless of how one feels about how McDaniels handled the Jay Cutler nightmare, McDaniels is unproven. That means just as we can't claim him as a future star in his profession we can't label him the next David Shula either.

Kyle Orton's quarterback play was dismal against the 49ers but the former Purdue passer has shown he can play a little in this league. The Broncos know they need to be able to run the football and need Knowshon Moreno to compete for rookie of the year honors to make that happen. This team has quality tight ends in Dan Graham and Tony Scheffler. The wide outs are still an unsettled bunch with the murkiness of the situation regarding Brandon "the grass is greener" Marshall.

This is going to be a season of transition which means more losses than are tolerable. McDaniels must establish a culture of success from preparation, teamwork and mutual respect. He has as many things to learn as do his players.

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