Saturday, August 22, 2009

Orton gets passing grade

Kyle Orton showed up looking like an NFL quarterback against the Seattle Seahawks, if only a preseason game, dimming his poor performance against San Francisco a week earlier. Orton was on target most of the night.

One thing to remember is, while explosive and productive Eddie Royal, talented-and-capable of more Steve Scheffler and dependable Brandon Stokely are established receivers, this offense lacks sufficient explosive talent and currently has a lot of question marks, such as: who will be the bell cow back behind Orton, who will be the no-doubt no. 1 (not Brandon Marshall, as the forecast for him this season, with attitude and injury is gloomy; see Chad Johnson, version 2008) and 3 receivers and who will take the heat off of Royal, who will look less attractive this season if forced to be the top dog.

Darius Walker, a solid back at Notre Dame, showed he has the capability to stick on this roster with his Saturday numbers. Another name to remember, as a contributor in 2009 and not a starter is receiver Kenny McKinley.

Defensively, the Broncos played the run well and rushed Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, getting to him occasionally. What they didn't do was disrupt his timing or make effective plays on the ball.

Preseason, especially this one, is about developing players, finding chemistry, getting into a rhythm and learning who can and will play. Winning, while important, is secondary.

Marshall trade idea a poor choice

Anyone desiring dumping Marshall merely to rid the Broncos of his selfish, delusional mindset is open to a self-inflicted wound on the team. Marshall's value is at an all-time low. For all his off-field baggage and on-field negative (low yards per catch average) the man is a big, dependable, productive target who, if not an elite receiver, is the next rung on the ladder.

Being hurt and a police report regular has likely made him as attractive as nuclear waste to other teams yet if healthy, if mentally adjusted, Marshall is an undeniable no. 1 receiver and that is worth a no. 1 draft choice plus other goodies. Right now, the Broncos could not get, would not get a no. 1 for Marshall nor even a no. 2. Getting rid of him for less than his true value would be foolish and would result in negative on-field and public relations consequences.

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