Friday, August 28, 2009

McDaniels tiring of Marshall Plan

Brandon Marshall, what did we tell you, will not play this season in Denver. The man is doing everything he can to get traded, using both his mouth and behavior with adept aplomb.

He's history.

Coach Josh McDaniels can't stand Marshall's attitude and the players themselves are likely tired of it too. There just isn't going to be any reconciliation when one of the parties doesn't want peace.

Marshall is an ex-Denver Bronco on the field and in his head.

The problem is his trade value is diminishing by the second, with his injury and his attitude. He's worth a second-round pick at worst or mid-to-late first rounder but the Broncos will be lucky to get a conditional high pick.

The Jay Cutler trade was as much on McDaniels as Cutler but this deal is all on Marshall.

We still say don't trade a player when his value is low. The preference would be, if possible, to suspend him for half a season or the entire year but a trade might be forced by the NFLPA.

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