Friday, August 14, 2009

Colorado will always be Broncos first

Colorado is a good baseball state, Denver a good baseball town, by any measuring stick, but football, Mark Kiszla (see Denver Post), is where most Coloradans hearts have been, are and will be for as far as we can see in the future.

The Rockies are a nice story but they have minimal winning tradition while the Broncos have a long history of playoff appearances, Super Bowls and a pair of championships. The Rockies have been in two playoffs, made one World Series, where they, like the Broncos before them, laid an egg.

Brandon Marshall is becoming the Brett Favre of the Rocky Mountain region in that his name is becoming like fingernails on the chalkboard -- much ado not about football. Soap opera. School-age drama. It's only a matter of time before Marshall is wearing another uniform in what has to be the strangest offseason in Broncos' history. Maybe he'd man up for a coach like Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, or Mike Smith. Maybe he'd toe the line for Tony Sparano in Miami with Bill Parcells in management.

Ever confident quarterback Jay Cutler, he formerly of Denver and now a Chicago employee, feels his one Pro Bowl is deserving of assistant general manager privilege in the Windy City, where Cutler should wants a strong say in personnel matters. The Bears found themselves a prima donna who just happens to have some playing ability too. Only time will tell if the increasingly bold quarterback can successfully juggle his desire to coach, have personnel decision-making duties and play the actual game.

Cutler's replacement Kyle Orton is a guy who could manage a quality team to the playoffs. One problem though, the Broncos are no longer a good team. Not even ego maniacal new coach Josh McDaniels will be able to make chicken salad out of an offense lacking an uber-talented quarterback, a big-target, highly-productive wide receiver (Marshall will be jettisoned before the season opener) and a new system, a new culture.

The Broncos' defense might surprisingly be the story of 2010. Players to watch outside of the Hall of Fame cornerback on the roster include Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers and according to coaches and the media, one Ronald Fields. A sleeper could be D.J. Williams. Maybe this coaching staff will find a way to get the most out of the playmaking-lacking linebacker with high-level athleticism.

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