Saturday, August 15, 2009

Niner game notes

So Kyle Orton's debut was terrible. It's the first preseason game and even though Orton is a veteran he's with a new team, with new co-workers and a new coach. Temper the disdain for the quarterback.

Chris Simms can make all the same claims as Orton (see above) but he did put up strong numbers. Simms has never lacked talent, only an understanding of how to read defenses and make the correct decision. With better coaching, who knows what's possible.

There was a Jarvis Moss sighting. Will it repeat itself in coming weeks?

Knowshon Moreno got dinged. How serious is it and how long will it affect him? The early word is 1-2 weeks with a sprained MCL. The NFL is tough on the body, especially the knees, especially those pins of running backs. Moreno, even without playing a regular season down is too valuable to this team to be a sideline decoration. He must stay healthy.

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