Monday, August 17, 2009

Marshall not clean enough for money

Brandon Marshall now believes his contract should mirror that of Atlanta wideout Roddy White. While Marshall's numbers are equal or surpass White's depending on the category you look at, White is not a regular down at the local courthouse like Marshall, thus the problem.

Do we really think the Broncos would be hesitating on locking up the big, physical, ultra productive Marshall if he was relatively clean off the field? If Marshall just minimized the public relations nightmare he is he'd already have his contract.

Denver shipped yet another 2010 draft choice away. The Broncos sent a fifth rounder to New England for defensive linemen Le Kevin Smith. The good and bad is that the Broncos need size and improvement up front to slow down the run and Smith can't hurt while the bad is the Broncos gave up another draft pick (see the Seattle fleecing for next year's number one) and this one for a guy who was a minor contributor for the Patriots. Maybe not a bad deal but right now, it is questionable. Coach Josh McDaniels does get credit for quickly recognizing his defense needs help and trying to patch the hole.

As bad as McDaniels' reputation is right now at least you don't see him going bar fight on anyone in camp as Raiders' head coach Tom Cable is alleged to have done on a defensive assistant.

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