Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Martin signed and Cutler talking drivel

Ingle Martin has been signed by the Broncos to play some quarterback, maybe, in the preseason. Forget spending the time researching Martin because the odds are astronomical he sticks with the team. Anyone signed in late August isn't too desirable. Martin, to be fair, and we do want to be fair, could see a lot of pieces come into play (injuries) to get a longer stay in Denver but right now, his appearance will be a lot more about getting some snaps in practice and a game to show the Broncos and other teams he has the goods to get a call later on this season if the need (again, injuries) arise.

Jay Cutler is downplaying his nasty feelings toward coach Josh McDaniels and the Broncos but don't believe a word he's saying -- he's so happy to be out of Denver and away from McDaniels. While Cutler has the talent to be a star for many years his attitude will likely doom him from achieving superstardom. His arrogance will need a come-uppance, which will come with time and experience, before Cutler thrives as a teammate and winner.

Honestly, the Broncos got a solid return in trading Cutler to the Bears but it's still highly questionable what they've done so far with the draft picks.

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