Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Surprising trade rumors on Marshall

Some surprising trade rumors are being reported regarding unhappy Broncos' receiver Brandon Marhsall.

The Jets are in the market for a big, productive receiver and are supposedly interested in Marshall.

Bottom Line -- No way the Broncos trade that much talent, even if he's dysfunctional, for less than a high draft pick, such as a second rounder or a third rounder with a conditional pick also attached. Chances of a deal are slim at this time.

There are also rumors that the Cardinals might be interested in moving equally unhappy receiver Anquan Boldin and disappointing golden boy quarterback Matt Leinart for Marshall.

Bottom Line -- Not impossible but unlikely. Kurt Warner is of biblical age and Leinart has been working harder, playing better and has much invested in him. Boldin for Marshall seems more likely but really, why would either team trade one angry man for another? Both teams should seek more assurance that they would be getting a team-first attitude plus other enticements.

You have to be selfish -- Mark Kriegel quotes Jerry Rice saying just that "you have to be sefish" when talking about being an elite receiver. Rice was interviewed about Brandon Marshall and receivers in general. An excellent piece (click here).

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