Saturday, September 5, 2009

Broncos cuts breakdown

Defensive line/linebacker disappointments Tim Crowder and Marcus Thomas both get rejection letters from the Broncos.

Crowder was a prep star in Texas, matriculated to the University of Texas, and was a high draft pick who did regrettably little. He was overrated, lacking explosion and didn't make plays. Thomas, a Florida Gator with real promise, never proved former coach Mike Shanahan's faith in him was justified. He had size but didn't show on game day.

Linebacker Jarvis Moss somehow has made the team, maybe based on some flashes against the Cardinals. The potential has always been there, the production, however, has been absent. The Broncos must see something most media and fans don't. Maybe Moss is a late bloomer but the odds of success for him are slim. Here's hoping Moss, who has overcome many physical problems in his life, proves us wrong.

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