Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Orton has to be the man to start

A Denver writer believes Chris Simms should start over Kyle Orton in week 1 of the season at Cincinnati.


Simms is big, has a strong arm, was a prep All American, star recruit for the University of Texas, a highly productive player in Austin and a very unremarkable pro. Orton was a touted recruit and a gunslinger at Iowa and for as unimpressive as he's been in the preseason in 2009 has more pro accomplishments than Simms.

Simms looks the part but hasn't played up to the potential. Maybe with some more grooming by coach Josh McDaniels the son of Phil Simms, Super Bowl MVP, can be someone but not now. Orton is the man. He's no Jay Cutler but he's the best of the lot for now.

For those who want to throw a rookie in there -- Tom Brandstater -- he's not ready. His work against the Cardinals doesn't qualify him as a pro success.

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