Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marshall, McDaniels and Bowlen failing

Will Brandon Marshall be traded?

Some reports say Denver is shopping him. Shopping him and moving merchandise without losing your shirt are two different things.

The Broncos can't give up his talent without getting hurt on the field.

They would love to rid themselves of his attitude.

They wouldn't get much at this time, much at all, if they attempted to trade him.

Bottom line -- Marshall's not going anywhere.

Bronco fans would explode if the mouthy, troubled Marshall was sent packing for little in return after the sublime Jay Cutler story. Cutler is going to have a solid career in Chicago and maybe even a special one. If Marshall resurfaces elsewhere to be productive, McDaniels legacy is going to receive a challenge by his start in Denver.

Coach Josh McDaniels is in over his head. He might be a smart football mind and might prove his coaching accumen but you can bet he doesn't have many fans in the locker room nor does owner Pat Bowlen right now.

Moreno back on field

Rookie running back Knowshown Moreno, a non-factor this preseason is back on the field, healthy enough again to compete.

Denver needs him.

Time to show some toughness and pro production.

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