Friday, September 4, 2009

Broncos get positive feedback

The Broncos won a game, a preseason game but it was still a win and it was a shutout and it came over a team that should be competitive in 2009. Beating Arizona is the bright light that new coach Josh McDaniels needed. It was some kind of confidence confirmation for the players too.

Rookie quarterback Tom Brandstater showed he can play. In a preseason game. He's got a long ways to go but he does look coachable and with hard work he could develop. Just hope that starter Kyle Orton and backup Chris Simms don't get hurt at the same time during the regular season.

The defense gets a solid grade in this one.

The season opener is next and the Broncos will have to run the ball better, play the same kind of defense and hope the quarterbacking doesn't doom it's chances of competing well and having a chance to win.

Hold on as it promises to be a rough go in 2009 in year 1 of the McDaniels regime.


The Broncos running game looks like a weakness unless the line gets healthy and unless Knowshown Moreno has a smash debut.

Rookie Kenny McKinley looks like a real find as a third or fourth receiver. He won't be a star but he could be a productive part of the offense.

I think, but I'm not sure, there was a Jarvis Moss sighting. Will it be enough for him to make the roster, I'm not sure.

Rookie DB David Bruton looks like a contributor to be and the secondary and special teams needs some rambunctious youth.

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